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"Every time my back is hurting from my scoliosis, I can't wait for a session with Jen. I always feel so much better after Pilates." - Laya R.

"Allison is an amazing Pilates instructor! Her cues and creative imagery really help me improve my form and connect with my body and movement in deeper ways. Her warm and funny personality also makes even the hardest class fly by." - Jen M.

"Holly's dance classes are so much fun! Even after just a couple of classes I felt like I had learned so much more about dance technique and different ways to move." - Basya L.


"Kath's online yoga classes are a great mix of stretching and strengthening. I always feel I worked out and have less stress after her classes." - Jen M.

"My neck was killing me when Bettina showed up. After just one session my pain was gone! She's also helped me really improve my posture. I now remind myself to stand up straight with my 'Bettina Chin.'" - Rivka F.

"Holly's Thai yoga massage really improved my hip pain and made getting up and down off the floor so much easier." - Esther K.

"Sofia is great! I really like her cueing and high level of attunement, and I especially appreciate the hands-on guidance and

support." - Chana L.

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