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One-on-One Session Options 

Tower Teaser


My Pilates (Mat & Reformer/Tower)

55 min

Whether you are a beginner or master, My Pilates provides you with a personal trainer, with years of experience, to reach your goals. Either through mat Pilates in your own space or virtually via Zoom or on the very popular and effective Pilates Reformer (currently available in The Hamptons, NY only), you will develop a deep mind-body connection, improve your spacial awareness, and strengthen your core. Pilates is all about building an understanding of how your body moves and using that knowledge to create balance between muscle groups, efficient movement, and a strong, yet pliable body. Your workout will start with learning and/or honing your understanding of the Principles of the Pilates Method by going through series of specific, effective exercises. Through neuromuscular repatterning, you will gain a deeper understanding and connection with your body, leading to pain reduction, increased stamina, and improved posture. You may not know it yet, but Pilates can change your life, and because it is customized to your personal needs, My Pilates is for everyone.


Rooftop Yoga

My Yoga

55 min 

From increased flexibility to stress relief to heart health, the benefits of yoga have been known for centuries. With your instructor as your guide, you will use the yoga asanas (poses) and other meditative and focusing exercises to achieve your physical, emotional, and/or spiritual goals. My Yoga, in your home, office or virtually via Zoom, inspires beginners to create a yoga practice of their own, while deepening the practice of experienced yogis. My Yoga is suitable for all ages, genders, and abilities. You will understand how yoga has been in existence for so many centuries and continues to be valid and beneficial in the modern world.

Ballet Dancer

My Dance

55 min 

Whether you choose ballet, modern dance, and/or jazz dance, one thing is certain; you'll have fun! Through classical dance technique and improvisation, you will see positive results: increased confidence, stronger sense of rhythm, and improved posture, just to name a few. My Dance is for those seeking confidence and skill on the dance floor, whether that floor is at a party or on a professional stage. Classes can take place in your home, office, or virtually via Zoom.

Seated Side Bend

My Pre and Post Natal

55 min 

My Pre-Natal/Post-Natal sessions are private and focus on the individual client’s wants and needs, through Pilates, yoga, and/or dance instruction. Clients are guided through pregnancy/postpartum-safe exercises to help relieve aches and pains, reduce stress, and prepare for or recover from labor and delivery. All sessions are held in the privacy of the client's own home, office, or virtually via Zoom. Please contact us for more information or to book a session.

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